Children age 3 - 7

What do we offer children of this age group?

* Brushing / cuddling

Before any lesson, the horse needs to be brushed. During this activity a bond is created between horse and child. The child learns to respect the horse. They also learn the horse has its own feelings and opinion.

* Vaulting

When vaulting the children do gymnastics on horseback. The horse could be standing still, or moving in any gait we wish.

Children learn, aided by the horse, to be conscious of themselves, the horse and other individuals in their environment. Children are challenged to get to know their own physical possibilities. The child will learn to feel and follow the rhythm and movement of the horse. This will help to develop good balance and stability.

Working together with other children is a must, to help each other onto the horse and to motivate each other to do different gymnastic movements. A big part of vaulting is to learn about your fears and how to face them.

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* Helping with feeding

By looking after a horse, children learn to be responsible for an animal. They learn to recognize signals and body language. This way, they learn to recognize when a horse is happy, sad, or even sick.
A horse can influence the development of a child in many different ways:
1. a horse is a soft-natured, warm and living creature.
2. the harmonic, rhythmic, three dimensional movements of a horse create a pleasant, trusting feeling and permeates deep into the body. It stimulates both physical and mental relaxation.
3. Horse riding and vaulting are activities that offer structure. The main goal is clear: to stay on the horse. This is tied to certain rules that are logical and clear, and that need to be obeyed to ensure safety of both horse and human.
4. Within this structure is room for freedom. There is room for experiencing, discovering and personal input. The rider decides what the horse has to do, and the horse will listen if the assignment is clearly given. Children will develop better concentration, confidence and perseverance.