Teenagers 13 to 17 years old

What can we offer to teenagers of this age group?

* Outdoor rides:

The riding lessons for this age group will more often be replaced by a nice outdoor ride.
The ultimate feeling of freedom when you ride on a horse’s back through beautiful nature.
The silence… or maybe not! Because there is a lot to hear in nature. The hooves of the horses that land on the rocky ground, the birds that sing, the wind that rustles through the leaves, the crack of a twig because of a deer that shoots away.
What could be better than walking through rivers, trotting on winding paths or galloping across open plains?

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At first glance, horse riding may seem like just a fun activity, but there are so many more benefits and learning opportunities.

* Assist with farm activities:

We try to encourage teenagers to help with activities on the farm. We want to motivate them to go outside instead of being indoors behind the computer or TV all day. Being outside is healthy.


1. It is good for the mind and body.

Nothing is better than being outside and discovering nature, being around (small) animals, seeing how they grow and taking care of them. Studies show that children burn more calories outdoors, and it prevents obesity and strengthens bones and muscles.


2. It contributes to cognitive and social / emotional development.

Being outside and caring for the animals helps children to share and develop other positive behavioural skills. They are inventive; exploring and learning about the world and using their own skills. These interactions help improve communication, collaboration and organizational skills.


3. Improves sensory skills.

Children who are outside regularly have a better distance vision than children who are always inside. On the farm there is much to see and experience, such as the birth of a young animal and its development (see / experience), or smell the fragrant flowers (smell). You experience the seasons by being outside, in the sun, rain, snow and wind (feeling). Learn what you can and cannot eat from berries and fruits in nature (taste). Discover the sounds of nature (hear). Children who spend several hours in front of the television and other electronic
devices use only two senses (hearing and seeing). This can negatively affect the
development of perceptual abilities.