We are Eline Koopman and Olav Rune Seljeset.

Olav Rune was born in Hornindal in Norway and I (Eline Koopman) was born in Hoofddorp, a place in the Netherlands.

Olav Rune grew up among horses. His grandfather and father have always been very fanatic in the breeding of the fjord horse. Olav Rune inherited this enthusiasm from his ancestors.
He was 18 years old when he showed a stallion for the first time at the inspection in Nordfjordeid. And to this day he can still be found around the horses and he still likes to prepare stallions for the stallion inspection.

I was 5 years old when I first came in contact with horses. From the age of 15 I have been working with fjord horses at an institution for people with epilepsy (www.SEIN.nl/en/; Centre of Excellence for Epilepsy and Sleep Medicine).

My interest for the fjord horse is very prominent. I was trained to give riding lessons, with a specialization for people with a disability. I am also a judge at the Dutch fjord horse studbook for dressage, jumping, driving and performance tests.

In my spare time I like to travel to other countries to go to stallion shows. On one of these trips I met Olav Rune. Since that time we have shared joys and sorrows and also the passion for the fjord horse!

I really want to let other people discover how beautiful life with horses is.
Can you see yourself galloping across the open fields? The closeness of the interaction between the rider and the horse. The wind blowing through your hair, the sound of galloping hooves. Just feel completely at home with nature, the horse and yourself.

Our horses




Fjord horse


Coldblood trotter


Fjord horse




Fjord horse




Fjord horse

The farm / stables

The farm is from around 1900. Between 1984 and 2001 there were no animals on the farm.
The previous owner of the farm was an elderly man who could no longer take care of the animals.
Olav Rune bought the farm in 2000. The farm was neglected and had to be drastically renovated. We are still working on the renovations up to this day. From 2001 sheep, pigs and horses came back to live on the farm again. At this moment there are only horses here. We hope to welcome some sheep and chickens again in the future.