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At Hingarden we want everyone to have an unforgettable time during the vaulting, riding lessons, outrides, day trips, multiday trail rides, carriage rides and other activities.
You will learn to develop yourself further, both mentally and physically.
Hingarden is the place where you learn what de-stressing and relaxation is. A place where you don’t have to do anything, but where many things are possible and allowed.
Obviously, we will do all of this with the help of the horses and all the other farm activities.

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Været er fint og derfor blir det en ekstra tur i morgen (tirsdag 20.09.2022) kl 18.30.
Det er noen få plasser ledig for de som ønsker å delta.

Denne uken er det fint vær. Så det er stor sjanse for at vi tar en tur ute med ridetimen denne uken. ...

Lørdag 10 September blir det nok en fullmånetur. Meld deg rask på hvis du vil være med. 🐴 ...

Sommerferien er over. Alle ridetimer har startet igjen. Og den beste delen av leksjonen er å ri hestene barrygg til beitet. ...

Are you ready for an adventure?

Norway is the land of fjords, mountains, forests, tranquillity and breath-taking landscapes.
Norway is the country for a holiday with the whole family and it is even more beautiful when you experience it from the back of a horse.
Slowly stepping over the steep rocky paths or bathing in a river, a short trot on a winding path through the deciduous trees or a nice canter over the open plains with the wind in your hair.
It is all possible while on horseback at Hingarden Stall where you can completely relax and become one with nature.