What can we offer adults?

* During or after a busy work week:

During a busy working week it is wonderful to take a moment of rest.
As soon as you start brushing the horse, you don't have to think about anything at all.
You can enjoy the smell, the sounds of the horses and nature, the peace, the colours in the seasons. Summarized: it is a moment for de-stressing.

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* Horse riding:

Some advantages of horse riding at a glance:

 Riding keeps you fit, and you develop good balance. Due to the rhythmic movements, you will be able to relax easily.
 As a rider you are often outside in all weathers. You will have to deal with manure, animal hair, hay, grass pollen, mud and much more. All this ensures an improved immune system.
 A horse mirrors the rider, forcing you to think about your own actions. Every reaction of the rider produces a reaction of the horse. You need a lot of self-control and patience. And you learn to be open to your own mistakes, because only when you recognize them will you be able to form a team together.
 Trust is perhaps the most important thing in horse riding. Not only must the rider have confidence in the horse, but the horse must also have confidence in the rider.
 You learn to be mentally strong and to get any fears and insecurities under control.
 And finally, horses don’t have a boss. They have a leader who guides them through all activities. A good leader is open to the horse and treats it with respect.

* Carriage driving:

Perhaps horseback riding is too exciting? Are you afraid of falling? Or physically incapable of getting on the horse? Or would you like to do something horse-related with your child or others? Or are you over 95 kilos? No problem, a horse can pull weight more easily than carry it. And sitting in a cart feels safer for many people. Carriage driving can be done with one or two horses in front of the carriage.

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We want to keep our horses healthy. Because of this we use a maximum weight of 95 kilos on horseback. We count on your honesty. But in case of doubt, we can ask you to stand on a scale. If you turn out to be heavier than 95 kilos, then we are unfortunately forced to refuse you. The activity will still have to be paid for due to the reservation and preparation.