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Horseback riding through the Norwegian forests

Have you always wanted to take a hike through the beautiful Norwegian nature? Or spend the night with your horse in front of the tent. This is possible at Hingarden Stall Together with friends, accompanied by a guide, you can enjoy the forests, fjordhorses and mountains.

Fun, development and relaxation

On Hingarden, we strive to teach children to interact with the horses, nature and other people in a playful way. For us, the most important thing is to have fun with each other and the horse. You don’t have to be the best here, everyone is good enough, just the way they are.

Here we want everyone to have an unforgettable experience.

Through vaulting, riding lessons, outdoor trips, day trips, 3-day trips, driving and other activities, you learn to develop yourself both mentally and physically. Hingarden is the place where you experience de-stressing and relaxation. A place where you don’t have to do anything, but where everything is possible.

All this, of course, with the help of good horses and a certified instructor.


Horse riding for all ages

Horse riding is also for the little ones (from 3 years). Based on age and experience, we create a plan where everyone learns to interact with the animals and through that can experience mastery and calmness. It provides a lot of joy and fun for both young and old!

Children 3 - 7 years

Through play, we teach children to gain self-confidence and to have fun with the horses and each other.

Brushing and cuddling; Before the lesson starts, the children brush the horse. This activity helps to build a bond between child and horse. The child learns to respect the horse and understands that the horse has its own feelings and opinions.

Vaulted; In vaulting, the children do gymnastic exercises on horseback. The horse can stand still or be in motion. The children learn to be aware of themselves, the horse and others in their surroundings. They discover their physical abilities and develop good balance and stability. Cooperation with other children is important because they help and motivate each other in various gymnastic movements. They also learn to recognize their own fear and to deal with it.

Benefits of horseback riding for young children:

  • Soft and warm: A horse is a gentle, warm and lively creature that has a positive influence on children’s development.
  • Rhythmic movements: The harmonious, rhythmic movements of the horse create a pleasant and recognizable feeling, which stimulates physical and mental relaxation.
  • Structure and safety: Riding and vaulting provide structure. The main goal is clear; to stay on the horse. This is accompanied by clear rules that guarantee the safety of both horse and child.
  • Structured freedom: Within this structure there is room for freedom, experience and discovery. The children decide what the horse should do, and the horse listens when the command is ready. This helps to develop concentration, self-confidence and endurance.

At Hingarden Stall, we offer children aged 3-7 a safe and pleasant experience with horses, which contributes to the individual’s psychological and physical development.

Children 8-15 years

For us, fun with each other and with the horse comes first. With us, you don't have to be the best, everyone is good just the way they are.

At Hingarden Stall, we offer children aged 8-15 a unique opportunity to interact with horses and nature in a playful way. Our goal is to have fun with each other and with the horses. You don’t have to be the best, because with us you are good just the way you are. Horse riding contributes positively to young people’s development, both physically and mentally.

Advantages of riding:

  1. Physical and mental health: Horse riding is a fun way to exercise. It activates all muscle groups and helps to develop strength, endurance and coordination. The bond between horse and child can also provide psychological benefits, such as reducing anxiety and increasing emotional resilience.
  2. Life lessons: Through experience you learn important life lessons. Falling off your horse and getting back up teaches you perseverance and empathy. Hard work is rewarded, which is a valuable lesson for the future.
  3. Social skills: Riding allows you to meet new people and make friends outside of your usual social circle. This helps to develop social skills and forge friendships based on a mutual love of horses.
  4. Self-confidence and self-respect: The ability to command a big horse can give a lot of self-confidence. Every success, no matter how small, is rewarded and can spark a lifelong passion for horses.
  5. Responsibility: Taking care of a horse means a lot of responsibility. This teaches the children to put the horses, and thus others’, needs before their own, and the children develop compassion and empathy.

Farm activities:

We encourage the children to help with the daily farm activities. Spending time outdoors is healthy and contributes to both cognitive and social-emotional development. It helps children to develop good social skills, they learn to share with others, cooperate and they learn organizational skills. In addition, the sensory skills are enhanced through nature experiences and by being close to the animals.

At Hingarden, the children learn to de-stress and relax. It is a place where nothing is required, but how much is possible and allowed, with the help of our horses.

Come to Hingarden Stall and discover the magic of riding and nature!


Relax after a stressful day at work. There is no better way to relieve stress than an hour on horseback.

During or after a busy work week

During a busy work week, it is wonderful to take a moment to rest. Once you start brushing your horse, you don’t have to think about anything else. You can enjoy the smell, the sounds of the horses and nature, the peace and quiet and the colors of the seasons. In short: it’s a stress-free moment.

Horse riding Some advantages of horse riding:

  • Fitness and balance: Riding keeps you fit and helps you develop good balance. The rhythmic movements make it easy to relax.
  • Being outside: As a rider, you are often outside in all kinds of weather, which ensures an improved immune system through exposure to manure, animal hair, hay, grass pollen and mud.
  • Self-reflection: A horse mirrors the rider, forcing you to think about your own actions. Every response from the rider causes a response from the horse. This requires a lot of self-control and patience. Through good interaction, you and the horse become a unique team.
  • Confidence: Confidence is essential when riding. The rider must have confidence in the horse, and the horse must have confidence in the rider.
  • Mental strength: You learn to be mentally strong and to control all your fears and insecurities.
  • Management: Horses need a manager who guides them through all activities. A good leader is open to the horse and treats it with respect.

Driving Maybe riding is too exciting? Afraid of falling off? Or are you physically unable to get on the horse? Maybe you want to do something with horses together with your child or others? Do you weigh more than 90 kilos? No problem, a horse can pull weight more easily than carry it. And sitting in a carriage feels safer for many people. Driving can be done with one or two horses in front of the carriage.

We want to keep our horses healthy. That is why we have set a maximum weight of 90 kilograms on the horse. We trust you, but if you are in doubt, we have a scale available.

Hingarden Stall

Horseback riding in nature

Norway is the country of fjords, mountains, forests and wonderful landscapes.

And it’s even better if you can experience this from horseback. Take a leisurely walk over stony path. A short trot through a forest of deciduous trees. Let the wind blow through your hair during a wonderful gallop.

Everything is possible during a beautiful open-air ride at Hingarden stall, where you can completely relax and become one with nature and the horse.

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Our Expertise

Are you ready for an adventure?

Norway offers fjords, mountains, forests, tranquility and fantastic landscapes. Experience all this from horseback at Hingarden Stall, where you can completely relax and become one with nature.

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Horse riding

Our rates

At Hingarden Stall, different prices apply to the activities. All prices are paid in Norwegian kroner (NOK).

Riding lessons

Riding lessons for children

Kr. 200 / Lesson
  • Children 8 to 15 years
  • Adults are also welcome

    Kr. 240,-

  • Maximum weight of 85 kg.
  • Adventure guaranteed

Outdoor trip

Through the Norwegian forests, mountains and valleys

Kr. 755 / 2,5 Hours
  • Beautiful Norwegian nature
  • Only by appointment

    Kr. 350

  • From May to October
  • For advanced riders only

3-day trip

Trekking through beautiful nature

Kr. 4760 / 4 Nights
  • 4 Nights
  • Food/drink included
  • Same horse throughout the trip
  • Adventurous


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What others say about us

Hilde Hilde
Hilde Hilde
Wat een geweldige ervaring! Een mooie dagrit. Super spontaan gepland.
Jackie Vanheusden
Jackie Vanheusden
We deden een dagrit met Eline en het was een ongelooflijke ervaring! We werden ontzettend hartelijk ontvangen en geholpen. De paarden zijn super braaf en de omgeving is prachtig!
Lars Böni
Lars Böni
Wir waren als fünfköpfige Familie drei Tage bei Eline und Olav Rune auf dem Hof. Wir wollten alle reiten, aber nur jemand von uns hatte schon Erfahrung im Umgang mit Pferden. Eline hat ein passendes Programm für alle zusammengestellt, inklusive einem gemeinsamen Ausritt am dritten Tag. Wir fühlten uns jederzeit bestens Betreut und es war definitiv ein Höhepunkt unserer Ferien.
Erwin Boeren
Erwin Boeren
Samen met mijn dochter een prachtige rit gemaakt. Dit is Noorwegen op zijn mooist! Eline weet precies wat ze doet en kan perfect inspelen op wie wat kan. We gingen met 3'en op pad (Eline, mijn dochter en ikzelf). Mijn dochter kon voluit galopperen waar ik dat spannend vind. Daar wordt allemaal rekening mee gehouden. Echt een aanrader.
Marika Słomińska
Marika Słomińska
Awesome experience!! Beautiful route and friendly atmosphere! I enjoyed it so much and definitely I’m gonna come back ❤️ I recommend it for everyone
Maud Bloemers
Maud Bloemers
Wat een wereldvakantie! Het is inmiddels alweer meer dan een maand geleden, maar nog steeds denk ik dagelijks aan deze geweldige ervaring. We hebben samen met Eline een 3-daagse tocht gemaakt te paard. De paarden zijn superbraaf en kennen de omgeving goed. Onderweg kwamen we koeien en schapen tegen die daar vrij op de berg rondlopen. We hebben een heel divers lanschap gezien. Van rostachtig tot dichte bossen en groene weides. Overal lopen beekjes en rivieren met water uit de bergen. We zijn zelfs te paard het dorp in geweest om een ijsje te eten. Eline en Olav zijn erg gezellig en vertellen veel over Noorwegen en hoe men hier leeft. Zo krijg je echt een compleet beeld van een land. We sliepen in tenten en ook in het appartement in de kantine. En wat ik belangrijk vind is dat deze paarden op een groot terrein staan met bomen, een riviertje, veel gras, keien...zeg maar: in de natuur, zoals het hoort. Het welzijn van de paarden staat hier voorop, dus je kan hier met een gerust hart gaan rijden!
Chloe Lynch
Chloe Lynch
We visited Hingarden on a day trip from our cruise in Hellesylt. Eline and Olav collected us from the port (20 minute drive) for a small charge. They were wonderful from the beginning, couldn’t have been more accommodating and gave us an incredible experience at their farm. The horses were beautiful and so well cared for, Eline took us for a ride around the mountains with breathtaking views of fjords, lakes and mountains. We were then welcomed into their lovely lodge for hot drinks and snacks, all for such a reasonable price in comparison to the UK. I cannot recommend them enough, it was a once in a lifetime experience and we will definitely be returning - hopefully for several days.l
Jeanine Schultz
Jeanine Schultz
Wanneer je het echte Noorse landschap wilt ontdekken op de rug van een fjord met Nederlands sprekende gids... Dan biedt Hingarden Stall de mooiste excursie van heel Noorwegen (en eigenlijk ook Nederland)
We had a wonderful ride! The owners are very nice and professional. Recommended!
Ruben Zijp
Ruben Zijp
Super leuke rit gemaakt op Fjord paarden door het Noorse landschap, een aanrader!

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