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Discover Norway’s beautiful landscape from horseback

Outdoor tours, day trips and 3-day tours can be organized on request.

The tours go through beautiful nature and a lovely cultural landscape in Hornindal, through forests and mountains.

The terrain can be rough, so riding experience is required (You must have control over your horse in walk, trot and canter).

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Hingarden Stall
Grendavegen 309
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  • Outdoor tour 1.5 hours: This is a tour that goes through the forests of Tomasgard, an area with a lot of forest and some beautiful views over the valley. During this tour it’s mostly walking due the many ascents and descents during the tour. On return, we finish with something to drink, which is included in the price.

  • Outdoor tour 2.5 hours: This tour goes through a beautiful valley. During this tour, Eline talks about the history of the small farms in the valley. During this trip, it is possible to trot and gallop if desired. On return, we finish with something to drink, which is included in the price.

  • Day trips: The day trip lasts a total of 5 hours. There are several beautiful routes to choose from on this tour. During the trip, we can trot and gallop if desired, but 90% of the trip will be at a walk. Along the way, we give the horses an hour rest and the riders will enjoy a picnic. On return, we finish with something to drink, which is included in the price.

  • In the summer months (June-July-August) there is the possibility of 3-day riding trips by arrangement.

    On the first day, We decide which horse best suits which rider. And this will be the horse you will ride on an unforgettable adventure. The tour mainly goes over the mountains and valleys around Hornindal.

    If the weather permits, we spend the night in a tent, or for enthusiasts, outside under the stars. If the weather is bad, we like to ride back to the farm, where we can spend the night in the canteen. From experience, spending the night in a tent when it rains is no fun. The evenings can then be very long, and the wet riding clothes will not be dry the next day.

    The trip includes: • 2 nights • 2x breakfast • 2x lunch • 2x dinner • We do not serve alcohol.

    You are welcome to spend the night in our canteen one day before and after the hike. This is included in the price.

    We can pick you up from Ørsta/Volda Airport by agreement and against payment.

    Important things to bring are • rain gear • riding helmet (mandatory) • sturdy, high shoes


We want to keep our horses healthy. Therefore, we use a maximum weight of 90 kilos on the horse. And on these trips, we only take experienced riders. You must have good balance and control over the horse in walk, trot and gallop.

We trust your honesty. But if we are in doubt, we may ask you to stand on a scale.

If it turns out that your experience is not sufficient, we may have to end the trip/activity. Due to the costs of preparation and booking, we unfortunately cannot refund the amount paid if the cancellation is due to weight, or if the stated skill level is not correct.

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